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My aunt keeps talking

on March 8, 2012

My dad is in the hospital with complications from the surgery. He caught a bacterial infection known as C. difficile in the hospital. I took a week of family leave and flew to MountainVille to be with my parents.

My aunt is driving me crazy with her weirdness:

“Why do you think this happened to him? Do you think your dad had any premonition that this was going to happen?” (WTF?)

“Don’t you think you ought to google the bacteria to find out what he has?” (Like we wouldn’t have already…)

“I guess this is proof that antibiotics aren’t always good.” (No kidding.)

“Haven’t you told the doctors to give him yogurt?”

She means well. She really does.

7 responses to “My aunt keeps talking

  1. Belle says:

    Hope they get it under control quickly. Patience.

  2. My grandma got C. diff at age 80 and recovered nicely, so there is hope that even older folks can bounce back! I hope he feels better really soon.

  3. Caroline says:

    My son had c. diff at 8 months (and he had never been to a hospital, even for his birth). He responded really well to the first antibiotic they tried (Flagyl), thank god, but it is a scary, scary thing. I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  4. susan says:

    Ah, bless her heart (and send her on a long errand.)

  5. redzils says:

    Before I clicked through, I – like susan – was thinking “Bless Her Heart (and tell her to shut up)”. I hope your dad feels better soon.

  6. J Liedl says:

    It is scary – an aunt of mine had this in 2011 and it took weeks to shake off. Your aunt’s reaching out to you in the only way she knows how – being annoying! Sympathies all around.

  7. Ink says:

    Hope your dad heals/feels better soon!!!

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