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I am watching a student self-destruct.

on November 21, 2012

Keeping this vague, of course.

A student who took one of my gen ed classes a few years ago has made a series of bad decisions fueled by alcohol, some quite publicly. Some of his mistakes will haunt him for years to come, although he doesn’t realize this yet.

There are university resources available to reach out to such students, and such procedures are carefully followed here. But a student who cannot yet admit that he has a problem isn’t in a place yet to fix it.

I can only hope he figures it out soon.

4 responses to “I am watching a student self-destruct.

  1. meansomething says:

    I’m sorry to hear this and hope your student is able to admit he has a problem. We lost a promising student in my grad program to an overdose last year. She had entered a recovery program, but she didn’t recover. I hope the outcome here is much better. So sad.

  2. Belle says:

    Self-destruction seems all too common. I have a senior who has never performed up to his potential, and we just told him he’s not graduating. He’s blown off too many classes at this point – hell of a Thanksgiving message, but he’s burned his last bridge. He turned in a paper to me on Tuesday that was more than 30% plagiarized; said ‘I’ll fix that.” Refused to hear “That’s an F.” Whole sections were lifted – but he thinks he can ‘fix it’ simply by adding a footnote, refusing to understand that he’s failed the assignment.

    As you said: “a student who cannot yet admit that he has a problem isn’t in a place yet to fix it.” Hard to watch.

  3. jo(e) says:

    I’ve had to sit back and watch students and friends self-destruct. It’s hard to watch, especially when they are smart, charming, and likable — as often they are.

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